Working with our local community

Posted on April 19 2021

Working with our local community

I hope you are all well. I must start adding to our blog more!! Life takes over and there is always lots to do at work.

I do hope you all coped throughout lockdown. We were lucky enough to be busy but all of us at work faced the challenges we all did. Working with lovely people helped as we became each other’s social network at work and kept spirits high. Work kept us sane and keeping a routine was nice.

We have always tried to work with our local community by using local businesses but also supporting local charities. This is something we focused on during lockdown and will continue doing moving forward. We personally chose to work with children’s charities and it was lovely to help such worthy causes. We created learning/creative packs for children in difficult situations by adding colouring booking, puzzles, toys and diaries so that children were occupied and felt supported. We also supported a large local charity by buying Christmas gifts for the children they work with and support.                                                We try and purchase goods and services for abode from local businesses too such as carrier bags, printing services and photography. We have recently completed another photo shoot now we are allowed too which was great. It was fantastic to be able to do this again. 

We have lots of plans moving forward and we look forward to updating you very soon. Our Abode store in Cleethorpes is now back open. It’s great to see our customers again.

 Thank you to all for supporting us during this challenging time. We are eternally grateful xx 

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